IT-DAY is Denmark's largest IT-Career fair between IT-students and companies. Together IT-students and companies and celebrate the current technological state of the world. This IT-fair sets out to elevate what fairs are really all about. That the right people meet each other. By solely focusing on companies within IT and IT-students IT-DAY narrows the scope enabling more meaningful interactions.   IT-students can experience the virtual and physical creations from top IT companies, get amazing insight in the ever-changing development of technologies such as cyber security and artificial intelligence as well as to network until all of their questions has been answered. Companies can interact with the IT-students regarding project collaborations, internships, graduate positions and jobs. Moreover they can meet all the different educations and learn what they are all about. Finally companies have the chance to showcase which awesome technologies they work with everyday, technologies that sustain everyday life as we know it, as well as technologies that propels us into the future.  Our most recent fairs - IT-DAY 2021 IT-DAY was hosted online with Hopin and despite the digital format the IT fairs was a great succes. We experiences an incredible amount of interests and support from the participating companies and IT-students. ​In 2021 we experienced; 

    • 190.000 in marketing reach
    • 2.000 clicks of "interest" in our Facebook events
    • 1.251 participating IT-students
    • 45 participating companies
    • 2.600 visits on this webpage
    • 5.148 interactions between companies and IT-students
    • 4 hours, on average, spent at the fairs. 

    If you would like to hear more about IT-DAY Aalborg, Odense or Copenhagen in April 2022 contact;

    Alexander Pedersen
    Co-founder and managing director
    +45 20468860

  • Contact person

  • Alexander Pedersen

    Co-Founder & Managing Director , IT-DAY
  • Christoffer Vinther

    Business Relations & Event Coordinator , IT-DAY
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