• Lasting Dynamics Nordic AS

    Lasting Dynamics Nordic AS
    Location: Stavanger, Norway
    Morten Ims / Partner Nordic Region
    Part of Lasting Dynamics Group

    The service we provide to all of our clients is an entire, dedicated, agile team allocation.
    The composition is tailored to their needs, but regardless the size the team quickly becomes a solid tech partner providing a turnkey solution, from software design and development to project management and DevOps, ranging between any kind of digital product.

    70% of our clients came from a previous collaboration that made them waste time and budget, making them understand quality is what they needed from the start.
    100% of our clients after 2 weeks receive their first delivery, and after 3 months have an MVP in production.
    90% of our clients of our clients after 6 months ask us to scale up the team and introduce more resources.
    50% of our clients work with us for more than 3 years.

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