• Sensae

    Sensae is a startup combining neuroscience, psychology and haptics with AI to create smart biofeedback technology for managing stress and improving mental wellness. We use touch and specific vibrations as a channel to communicate information to the brain. We today have a patent pending on haptic personalisation, and we are proud to share that not only we are able to communicate to the brain but we can affect emotions thanks to personalised vibrations that interface with your emotions. Sensae's first product is a unique wearable that provides active biofeedback by combining key bio-signals from the user (heart rate variability, perspiration, blood oxygen level, temperature) with advanced Machine Learning/AI to: Proactively apply personalized vibrotactile touch stimuli to prevent stress build-up and provide tailored coaching, interventions and exercises through the associated mobile app: exercises are enhanced by affective haptics.

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  • Anusofia Schlawe

  • Mathew Conor Jullius

  • Olivier de Simone

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