• Prism Interacta

    Prism Interacta aims to digitalize neuropsychology practice with profound empathy.

    Our solution means to alleviate the administrative burden in neuropsychology routine practice by harnessing computer vision to support the digital capture of neuropsychological consultations that rely on pen-and-paper. Time-savings are promoted by the automatization of test-scoring, the availability of relevant normative data for various cognitive tests, and the automated/integrated reporting of tests results in the patient EHR. Prism Interacta frees up Clinician time to be better spent than doing admin work.

    Importantly, Prism Interacta enables Clinical Researchers to seemlessly capture and explore subject behaviour and possible new objective digital biomarkers of brain function in the clinical routine context by harnessing gaze-tracking and other computer-vision-based techniques.

    Our radically different vision of a digital neuropsychology practice involves no computer-screen between patient and clinician when human interaction is so important, such as during stroke assessment or dementia consultation. Dealing with sensitive healthcare data, our solution puts security and privacy first: our edge-computing-based capture virtually erases all faces from our video capture locally before the collected data is uploaded remotely for analysis.

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