• ArtCat

    ArtCat is a digital platform that collects and produces cultural video content so that citizens, tourists and children can have digital cultural experiences and thereby gain learning and knowledge about the surrounding culture. Our vision is that everyone should have equal rights to cultural experiences and that culture should be democratized.

    ArtCat perceives culture as a multifaceted concept that embraces corporations, cultural institutions and educational institutions. All stakeholders who have a need to create increased awareness of their own work. By gathering high quality video content on a user friendly platform, the culture will not only be passed on regionally but also nationally and in the longer term globally. Users become an active part of cultural life by, through the ArtCat app, finding and integrating with the video content on local sites and in their home.

  • Contact person

  • Michelle Fyrstenberg

    Founder // CFO
  • Natascha Petersen

    Founder // CTO
  • Pil Meier

    Founder // CEO
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