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    RheoStream® from Fluidan  - Fully automatic rheology control in your manufacturing process
    Are you manufacturing viscous liquids?
    Is it important that your product is viscous in just the right way? Maybe you control this with manual methods today?
    Do you need better process insight for your Industry 4.0 efforts?

    RheoStream® is a fully automated process rheometer.
    With RheoStream you can monitor the viscosity profile of paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, detergents, shower products and lotions. And many more viscous liquids.
    RheoStream® will help you

    • Increase first-time-right
    • Improve quality
    • Save resources, save time, save capacity
    With RheoStream, now viscosity is a parameter that can be automatically adjusted — no more waiting for manual analysis and no more re-processing or scrapping of off-spec material.
    You get a complete log of the material produced, and you gain new insight into process variations. As a result, you can produce more consistent quality to the benefit of your customers.
    RheoStream can fit in both in continuous processes and in batch processes.
    Remove human error from the equation. RheoStream measures the same way every time with higher precision than most QC procedures.

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