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    The next chapter for antibody production is soon arriving! AB-Pred enables the finding of antibodies faster and more precisely to reach unprecedented production quality at a fraction of today's cost.

    What is AB-Pred?
    AB-Pred is an early-stage software developed to combine the science of Protein Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence in a mission to reduce the development time and cost of new recombinant antibodies. The development was made possible by an international collaboration between AB-Pred and one of the world-leading providers of contract research within the development of recombinant antibodies using Phage Display.

    What problem does AB-Pred solve?
    When biotech companies develop a new drug, they can generate the needed antibodies with recombinant methods. A method where they are left with up to 1.000 antibody candidates after the first screening. Next is chemical testing, which is very expensive, why they need to select, e.g., 50 candidates. This results in only a limited amount of antibodies are selected, significantly lowering the chance of a good lead, primarily because the selection is based on a qualified gut feeling. AB-Pred enables the antibody candidate selection to be guided by Artificial Intelligence, allowing the biotech companies to increase quality significantly. Instead of randomly selecting the 50 candidates, giving the risk of losing the best candidates in the selection process, AB-Pred will examine all 1.000 candidates and select the top 50. Next, AB-Pred can be utilized to optimize one or more antibody candidates during chemical testing. AB-Pred allows for a database search of previously successful antibodies with sufficient similarity to our selected lead. As a result, AB-Pred can optimize the lead by suggesting which antibody elements to replace from another antibody (from the database search), significantly strengthening the antibody lead for an upscale production.

    The AB-Pred solution, a yearly SaaS
    AB-Pred will be available, offering various features and customizations to the customers' data, and will be available for more than 500 antibody developers. Our beachhead is scale-ups that need an edge in this highly competitive market.

    What is the status of the development?
    AB-Pred is currently ready with its first module assisting antibody development utilizing Phage Display (recombinant method). It predicts antibodies with low producibility in Escherichia coli; thus, bad producers can be excluded or production up-scales to ensure the concentration necessary for the next screening. The module is currently being tested in a case study.

    In the search for industry partners - contact us at partner@biogenity.com
    Early access: Become an “Early Access” partner of the first module of AB-Pred, where we can offer a free trial period if returning valuable feedback on performance and function. Discount on beta-testing of later modules and hereby access to the modules before market release.
    Development partner: Become a collaborating partner in the development of new modules by providing us data. As a collaborating partner, you can be one of the first companies to utilize AI-assisted tools to optimize the development by assessing antibody yield, stability, and sequence optimization before production.

    In the search for investment
    AB-Pred is currently looking for investors for our first seed round to advance the development with AB-Pred. If you are interested in learning more about our case, we would love to send our seed deck and pitch our business case. Feel free to contact us directly at invest@biogenity.com.

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