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    NAUST Robotics upgrades agriculture with autonomous drones. The main problem we are solving is bird damage on farms, which can easily be 50-70% if the land is close to the water. As current bird scaring techniques are ineffective in the long run, farmers are exposed to damage, losing over 50.000 EUR per 100 Ha. Additionally, they do not have enough data of the field, and if they want to check the status of crops, they have to physically go to the land and inspect it. This is not only tiring, but also takes away time from them.

    Our autonomous drone-in-a-box platform solves both problems effectively, without the need of a human operator.  It consists of three parts: the box that shelters and recharges the drone, the drone itself which executes the mission, and an accompanying mobile application that users can use to access and modify platform settings. Once the platform is installed on the farmer’s field, it can detect incoming birds and launch the custom built drone directly where it is needed, resulting in an exceptional scaring device. Additionally, using cameras and image processing algorithms, the drone can provide farmers with crucial information about the health of the crops and status of the fields.

    According to the Danish Food Council’s report, around 2,2 million Ha of farmlands suffers from extensive bird damage in Denmark. This means a market size (Serviceable Addressable Market) of around 115 million euros. In Europe, this number rises to more than 12 billion euros.
    Later on our platform could be used for surveillance, inspections, security, maintenance and in many other fields, which drastically increases this market size estimation.

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