• AgroPrint

    AgroPrint is working on developing an autonomous modular machine for cereal agriculture that combines conservation techniques and a completely new type of pattern-based seeder that utilizes nature’s own premises with virtually zero disturbance of the soil.

    The system leads to reduction of atmospheric CO2e (3-7 ton / hectare per year), protects and reinforces biodiversity, reduces weed growth by up to 70%, and saves approx. 60% on fuel. The farmer may also look forward to a 10% better harvest yield since faster germination in our patterns are outcompeting weeds for nutrients.

    The finished platform will be a robotic drone that is able to navigate the fields independently of any operator, using very precise GPS measurements to optimize the insertion of the seeds. This is achieved by utilizing AI to determine soil conditions based on previous data, to ensure correct depth and speed, as well as monitoring any existing weed growth and tendencies. It will also be able to suggest best course of action for the user through an advisory system. The system is also connected to trading platforms such as CommodiTrader, where prognosis for yield and price will be calculated real-time, as well as a very accurate estimate of carbon certificates. The onboard computer systems will be accessible via an app and will be an open platform that is integratable in any existing ag-system.

  • Contact person

  • Joan Verdauguer Dot

  • Lars Fischmann

  • Laura Ortiz Clua

    CTO , AgroPrint
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