• Markus Jochum

    Professor, KU

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 11:00 - 12:15 High performance computing: How can we use Danish and European supercomputers?
      Organized by DeiC 

      By being able to perform millions of billions – and soon billions of billions! – of operations per second, supercomputers can solve complex problems in hundreds of application areas, from medicine to energy, engineering, astrophysics, geology and climate research. In this session we show and discuss the opportunities in supercomputing or HPC (for high performance computing) and the major strategic opportunities and challenges - both industrial, technological and scientific. How can your company and organization utilize the opportunities in HPC in Denmark and Europe?

      Introduction - National and European HPC set-up: Eske Christiansen, Head of HPC, DeiC
      Scientific Talk: ”Carbon, Moore's Law and the Ocean.” Markus Jochum, Professor, Niels Bohr Institute
      Business talk: “Machine learning accelerated computational search for energy materials “ Thomas Bligaard, Deic

      Session coordinator: Eske Christiansen, DeiC
      Facilitator: TBA
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