• Liv Egnell

    Clinical Operations Specialist, Radiobotics

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Sankt Hans Torv & Nørrebros Runddel B
      01-12-2 - Organized by VisionDay (DTU)
      The analysis of images has been a topic of research for more than 4 decades and the application ranges from industrial inspection to computer aided diagnostics. In the last decade, the field has exploded due to widespread use of cameras, the increase of computer power and the advent of novel machine learning approaches like deep learning. In this session, the frontiers of the use of IA on images from the industry and academia will be showcased. Finally, dealing with fairness and bias when using advanced IA in practice is discussed.
      Scientific Talk:  "AI and Images", Anders B.  Dahl, Professor, Head of Section, DTU
      Business Talk: “Clinical AI”, Liv Egnell, Clinical Operation Specialist, Radiobotics
      Scientific Talk: “Fairness and Bias in AI”, Aasa Feragen, Professor, DTU
      Business Talk: “AI assisted sports tracking”, Fredrik Tuxen, CTO, Trackman
      Business Talk: “The future of AI assisted histopathology”, Jeppe Thagaard, Head of AI, Visiopharm
      Discussion, debate and summing up
      Session coordinator: Aasa Feragen and Rasmus R. Paulsen, DTU Compute
      Facilitator: Rasmus R. Paulsen, Associate Professor, DTU Compute
      VisionDay 2: AI and Images
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