• Diana My Frodi

    MD, PhD. fellow, Rigshospitalet, Heart Centre

    Bio: Diana My Frodi is a Medical doctor with training in cardiology and is currently focusing on electrophysiology and AI-technologies as a PhD Research Fellow at the Department of Cardiology, Rigshospitalet.

    Abstract of presentation: SafeHeart is an extension to the Vital Beats platform, which offers personalised and preventive prediction of life-threatening arrhythmias in cardiac patients. The aim is to alert clinicians and patients 30 days before cardiac arrests using machine learning and predictive biomarkers from wearable activity trackers.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Main Stage
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by KU
      In this session we present a number of Danish SMEs and companies the made a substantial business impact with AI. Artificial Intelligence could trigger a new production revolution and radically transforming business practices and conditions. Many Danish SMEs and companies utilize AI and deliver AI services and create value for their customers.
      Introduction: Stephen Alstrup, member of ATV Digital Wise Men Council, Professor, DIKU, serial entrepreneur, founder of Supwiz
      Business Talk: “Create a scaleable service supply chain with a focus on user satisfaction and efficiency”, Søren Odsgaard, DSV/Supwiz 
      Business Talk: Steen Petersen, Cofounder & CTO,  Syncsense
      Business Talk: Asger Alstrup Palm, CTO, Area9
      Business Talk: Tariq Osman Andersen, Head of Research, VitalBeats and Diana My Frodi, PhD Research Fellow, Rigshospitalet Heart Centre
      Session coordinator: Stephen Alstrup, Professor, KU and Camilla Arffmann, KU
      Facilitator: Jes Andersen, Copenhagen Science City
      AI Session 3: How Danish AI SMEs create value today. Tools and impact with AI
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