• Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard

    Founder & CEO, Clerk.io

    Bio: Hans-Kristian is the Founder and CEO of Clerk.io. Hans-Kristian dropped out from his master studies at comp. sci. when he invented a new way to avoid the cold start problem in product recommender systems which led to the founding of Clerk.io. Today Clerk.io is the world’s best rated e-commerce personalization platform.

    Abstract of presentation: Today working with Machine Learning mostly consists of taking existing frameworks and tweaking parameters "until it works" but with no further research into why. I will advocate that by knowing the underlying semantics your model represents you can not only increase predictive performance but also drastically decrease computation times and reduce environmental impact.


    Speaker for following sessions
    • M3+M4
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by KU in collaboration with Vision Denmark
      This session will focus on recommendation systems and machine learning. How they are used and what you should be aware about.
      Scientific Talk: “A Brief Introduction to Recommender Systems“, Maria Maistro, post-doc., Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
      Business Talk: “FullBrain is the first social network for learners”, Panos Filianos, CEO, Fullbrain
      Business Talk: “What are we optimizing?”, Kaare Danielsen, CEO, Jobindex
      Business Talk: Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard, clerk.io

      Chair: Maria Maistro
      Session coordinator: Camilla Arffmann, DIKU
      Facilitator: Christina Llioma , DIKU
      Recommendation systems
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