• Magnus Gerward

    Acconeer, Business Development Director

    Bio: Magnus Gerward is Acconeer’s Business Development Director, leading the global Sales & Business Development team. Magnus has more than 20 years’ experience of product management, marketing and sales from the telecom and tech industry. He has been at Acconeer since 2016, with a strong focus on building and driving the company’s global sales and distribution network.
    Title of presentation: 
    Edge AI used on Micro radar to gesture control
    Abstract of presentation: 
    A new generation of 60GHz radars enables distance measurement, people presence detection and advanced gesture control. With extremely low power consumption and small size, Acconeer pulsed coherent radar can be integrated in a large variety of devices and is perfect for battery driven products. One challenge is to interpret radar data and convert it to actual gesture recognition. This can be done with Embedded AI inference. Learn how it can be done – still on a very small power budget. 


    Speaker for following sessions
    • Tivoli & Vesterbros Torv
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by KU, DTU and Indesmatech
      Increased performance in computer systems has enabled many innovations and developments across most industries during the last 40 years. One prominent example is recent machine learning and AI advances. To achieve the next level of performance in (heterogeneous) computer system, new architectures are needed as well as new tools that can help developers actually make use of the resources. This session will give insight in state of the art in computer system design and the needed tools.
      Scientific Talk: “Embedded high performance computing”, Sven Karlsson,  Associate professor, DTU
      Business Talk: : “Edge AI used on Micro radar to gesture control”, Magnus Gerward, Business Development Director, Acconeer and Per Atlevi, Software Architect,  Acconeer
      Panel debate: Troels Henriksen, Assistant Professor, KU

      Session coordinator: Sven Karlsson, DTU, Rune Domsten, Co-founder, Indesmatech, Tine Aage, KU
      Facilitator: Rune Domsten, Co-founder, Indesmatech
      (Embedded) High Performance Computing
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