• Christian Holm Christiansen

    Senior Consultant, Teknologisk Institut

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Etteplan Hall
      30-11-2 - Organized by WE BUILD DENMARK

      Calculations point to large savings potential, when implementing SMART solutions for building operations. The Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) is a common EU scheme for rating the readiness of buildings to use smart technologies, which was introduced in 2018 by the European Commission. SRI will help raise awareness of the benefits smart building technologies bring for creating healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable buildings, including building automation and electronic monitoring of heating, hot water, ventilation and lightning. The result of the smart-ready services assessment is aggregated into an overall SRI score, which expresses how close the building is to maximum smart readiness.  Can the increasing market for sustainable operating buildings get advantages of using SRI system active in existing buildings? In this session, there will be presentations from the Danish Energy Agency, Experts in SRI score and presentations focused on buildings with a high SRI score.  The session concludes with a panel discussion on intelligent buildings, SRI and sustainably operation of buildings.

      Welcome and presentation of the session, Vagn Holk Lauridsen, Technology Lead, WE BUILD DENMARK
      Business Talk: “Smart Readiness Indicators (SRI)”, Allan Hansen, Advisor in Centre for Energy Administration, Danish Energy Agency (TBC)
      Business Talk: “Introduction to “SRI Tool” developed for SRI Score - Case example from office building which can achieve a high SRI score”, Christian Holm Christiansen, Senior Consultant, Danish Technological Institute
      Business Talk: “Intelligent building automation - part of the building's green transformation” Thomas Brændgaard Nielsen, Sales Executive & Business Development Manager Siemens

      Panel discussion:
      Sensors, controllers, and installation components are affordable, which should increase the demand of large building owners. Yet the market is hesitant. Why is that? Is the Smart Technology robust enough? Are we skilled enough to take advantage of the vast amount of data a SMART building can generate? Are the systems good enough to take user behavior into account? Can the increasing market for operating buildings in a sustainable way get advantages of using SRI system active in existing buildings?

      • Danish Energy Agency (DEA), Allan Hansen
      • Danish Technological Institute (DTI), Christian Holm Christiansen.
      • Siemens, Thomas Brændgaard Nielsen
      • Tekniq- Arbejdsgiverne, Chief Consultant, Troels Hartung
      • Green transition Denmark, Christian Jarby
      Conclusions from panel discussions and short
      presentation of upcoming activities in 2022
      Session coordinator: Vagn Holk Lauridsen, WE BUILD DENMARK
      Facilitator: Vagn Holk Lauridsen/ Jacob Lundgaard, WE BUILD DENMARK
      SMART solutions for building operations - Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) in Denmark
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