• Bettina Knudsen

    Chief Operating Officer, Explicit ApS

    Bio: Co-owner of Explicit, a greentech company specializing in environmental monitoring systems and real emissions data collection. The company applies micro sensors, IOT principles, drones and other airborne platforms to measure air pollution and climate gases over land and sea. 20+ years’ experience in business development. Member of the board of the Danish Environmental Technology Association (Dansk Miljøteknologi).

    Title of presentation: Using drones and IOT to capture real emissions data – how we can use digitalization to better manage the green transition

    Abstract of presentation: The green transition presents unique challenges and opportunities for monitoring air pollutants and GHGs. Today we have the technologies to measure an ever-widening array of real emissions. And yet, we lack the digital infrastructure to truly harvest the value of this data and better manage the green transition.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Tivoli & Vesterbros Torv
      01-12-2 - Organized by DTU in collaboration with CLEAN

      Environmental regulation increasingly relies on data, which are sometimes too sparse and other times of unknown quality, and often located in isolated data repositories. Onsite sensors are ancreasingly installed and IoT enabled, comprehensive spatial data sets are obtained from remote sensing, and open weather and climate data are on the way. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasingly play a role in improving data quality and value creation, but there is still a huge unmet need for affordable sensing of environmental quality parameters. There is a huge potential worldwide for innovation within digitalization of environmental data, but how do we boost the needed collaboration between domain experts and digital experts?

      Introduction/welcome: Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Professor, DTU Environment
      Business Talk: ”Nationwide data on the natural environment – service to citizens, companies and regulators”, Niels Høgsted, Head of Secretariat, The Danish Environmental Portal
      Business Talk: “Adding value through data-model integration and digital twins” Henrik Madsen, Technical Director, Emerging Technologies, DHI
      Business Talk: ”Using drones and IOT to capture real emissions data – how we can use digitalization to better manage the green transition”, Bettina Knudsen, COO and co-owner, Explicit ApS
      Science Talk: ”Machine learning in hydrology and environmental engineering – why system insight is (still) needed!”, Roland Löwe, Associate Professor, DTU Environment
      Business Talk: ”Creating a digital ecosystem for data based innovation in water technology”, Ulla Sparre, Chief Innovation Officer, Den Danske Vandklynge/Water Valley Denmark
      Debate: What drives digitalization in the environment area, how far have we come, and where are the main needs for technology development?

      Session coordinator: Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Professor, DTU Environment, in collaboration with CLEAN
      Facilitator: Michael Rothenborg, Editor, Teknologiens Mediehus
      Digitalization of environmental data
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