• Antti Tolvanen

    Sales Director Software and Embedded Solutions

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 12:30 - 30-11-2021 Organized by Etteplan
      EU and USA are making secure development lifecycle a regulatory requirement for devices and software. Globally, cyber security already became mandatory for new Automotive type approvals starting July 2024 and the new cybersecurity compliance requirements are now significantly impacting the entire automotive industry and supply chain. Similar market disruption is ongoing or starting in other safety or privacy critical industries such as medtech, industrial and consumer IoT. In this session, the most important security regulations and their impact will be presented and discussed.
      Introduction: Etteplan quick intro
      Scientific Talk: EU cybersecurity regulatory proposals: NIS2, Machinery Regulation, Radio Equipment Directive, General Product Safety Regulation, Horizontal security regulation – Highlights
      Scientific Talk: USA Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cyber Security – Current status
      Business Talk: Ongoing market change, case examples, implications for device and software companies
      Debate: Q&A with audience
      Session coordinator: Antti Tolvanen, Sales Director, Etteplan
      Facilitator: Antti Tolvanen, Sales Director, Etteplan
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