• Christina Martinez

    Deputy Head for Smart Mobility and Living at DG Connect, European Commission

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Etteplan Hall
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by AU

      Digital infrastructure and smart technology solutions in cities are crucial not only for businesses and urban management but also for the way we live, work, and socialize. This session explores technical solutions such as IoT objects embedded in the cityscape that collect data and the merging of the physical and digital space in public arenas such as schools, libraries, museums and city spaces. Technology that can be used by everyone is imperative for the development of (real) smart cities to prevent it from becoming a barrier for sustainable adaptation. In this session we will also address how policy making can influence how we create transparency and equality in the way we use, visualize and access smart city technologies. Implementation of a Computing continuum in cities will play a critical role in developing a green and socially sustainable digital transformation.
      This session will relate to the “Smart buildings” and “Smart Energy” sessions.

      Introduction: Martin Brynskov, Associate Professor, AU
      Business Talk: Christina Martinez, Deputy Head for Smart Mobility and Living at DG Connect, European Commission
      Business Talk:  "Bring the user and the market closer when developing the Smart City", Morten Kristiansen, Chefkonsulent, DI and Jacob Høffer Larsen, Specialkonsulent, Digitalisering og teknologi, KL
      Business Talk: "Smart Sociery and sustainable digital transformation from a city point of view", Camilla Føns Mortensen, Smart City og Digitaliseringskonsulent i By-, Kultur- og Miljøområdet, Frederiksberg Kommune
      Business Talk: “Crowd Insight”, Claus Jelle, Sales & Business Development Manager, Telia
      Session coordinator. Martin Brynskov/Søren Poulsen, AU
      Facilitator: Martin Brynskov, AU
      Smart Society - Sustainable Digital Transformation in Cities and Communities
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