• Lior Shiv

    Probe Group Manager, Capres/KLA

    In the last 11 years I have been at Capres A/S (a KLA company) as the manager of the probe group. I specialize in MEMS - fabrication and design and have background in physics and electronics.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Kastrup Lufthavn
      30-11-2 - Organized by DTU in collaboration with DIREC
      There is no digital without chips statement by EU President Ursula von der Leyen presenting the EU’s Chips Act, as part of EU’s plan for “tech sovereignty. The Chips Act of EU and a similar act in US, are reactions to the declining share of semiconductor production, which today is mainly taking place in Asia. Denmark has a long tradition for chip production of highly specialized chips, and development of specialized equipment for chip production, activities which has often been overlooked in the bigger picture. Based on an introduction to the current chip shortage, this session will present actual chip production and tool developments for chip design. 
      Introduction: Jörg Hübner, Director, DTU Nanolab
      Scientific Talk: ”How we make chips at DTU Nanolab”, Karen Birkelund, Head of Lithography and Wet Chemistry, DTU Nanolab
      Business Talk: “Start-up in Chip Fabrication”, Theodor Nielsen, CEO, Founder, NIL Technology
      Business Talk: “Metrology for chip production”, Lior Shiv, Probe Group Manager, Capres/KLA
      Business Talk: ”Chip production at Grundfos” Gert Friis Eriksen, Lead Specialist, Technology & Innovation, Grundfos
      Session coordinator: Jörg Hübner, Director, DTU Nanolab
      Facilitator: Jörg Hübner, Director, DTU Nanolab

      Chip Production in Denmark
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