• Kim Larsen

    Group Chief Security Officer and CISO, Systematic


    Group Chief Security Officer for Systematic securing the global enterprise through holistic and transparent security management in an organisation that develops, implements and maintain highly critical and sensitive systems within healthcare, defense and intelligence.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Enghave Plads & Kødbyen
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by ITU
      Cybersecurity is a growing issue of digital society, and it is crucial for all kinds of the organisations to ensure that their security and privacy practices are sufficient to protect against common threats. Particularly important is addressing the socio-technical challenges and human factors, ensuring that both the management and the employees can contribute their part to protection against cyber threats. The session will focus on socio-technical challenges of cybersecurity in tech companies, following the report “Assessment of Cybersecurity in Denmark” on the study conducted by ITU and SDU (see https://ascd.dk/results/report.pdf). The session will consist of presenting the findings from the report and discussing such issues of implementing cybersecurity as lack of competences, lack of resources and lack of general security culture that results in under-prioritising cybersecurity and in the perception of cybersecurity as “someone else’s responsibility”.
      Scientific Talk: “Results of the Assessment of Cybersecurity in Denmark”, Oksana Kulyk, Assistant Professor, IT University of Copenhagen”
      Business Talk: “The human aspect of cyber security”, Inge Alsmith, Consultant at Centre for Cyber Security.
      Business Talk: Kim Larsen, Group Chief Security Officer and CISO, Systematic
      Panel: What are the most significant challenges faced by companies in implementing security and privacy protection? Participants: Oksana Kulyk (ITU), Inge Alsmith (CFCS), Jacopo Mauro (SDU), Lorena Ronquillo (KEA), Kim Larsen (Systematic)
      Summing up
      Session coordinator: Oksana Kulyk. ITU
      Facilitator: Oksana Kulyk, ITU
      State of Cyber Security in Danish Companies
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