• Babli Kumari

    Student, Stibo Accelerator

    Bio: Babli is in the final semester of her M.Sc. Eng. degree in Technology-Based Business Development from Aarhus University. She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and worked for almost 9 Years as an automation software tester in India.                                Title of presentation: Forecasting customer demand using Machine Learning   Abstract of presentation: The presentation begins with the background of the problem statement, followed by the burning question that the case company is facing. The next point will be the overview of the solution through the use of Machine Learning (ML) and data analytics. Subsequently, giving an overview of ML algorithms that could be useful to solve the problem.  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 13:10 - 01-12-2021 Organized by Stibo
      Meet two of the talents who are currently attending Stibo Accelerator, Troels Meldgaard Thomsen and Babli Kumar will tell you about their thesis projects. Also learn about two different takes on talent development when Tenna Duch Schaldemose from Studenterhus Aarhus and Thomas Nørmark from NTT Data share their knowledge and experience with young talents.
      Talent Talk: “How can Adaptive User Interfaces be used to make better News Application”, Troels Meldgaard Thomsen, Stud. MSc Technology based Business Development, Aarhus University, Stibo Accelerator                      
      Business Talk: “Internships, student jobs and volunteer work - why they are important”, Tenna Duch Schaldemose, Business Coordinator, Studenterhus Aarhus
      Business Talk: “Blow stuff up... and change the game! How to solve big problems with technology, creativity and young talents”, Thomas Nørmark, Director, Global Head of AI & Robotics, Innovation Technologies, NTT Data
      Talent Talk: “Forecasting dynamic product price in retail: Application of Machine Learning in sales promotion and discounting strategy”, Babli Kumari, Stibo Accelerator
      Talent Talk: "Applied Deep Learning within Customer Experience for Matas A/S", Samuel Xavier, Workflow Consultant, Stibo DX

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