• Katja Anker Sørensen

    Student, Stibo Accelerator

    Bio: Katja has a background as Global Business Engineer. She works at the interface of business and IT, where she is very passionate about improving products and processes with the user in focus.
    Title of presentation: Reshaping the Future of Airport Servicescapes
    Abstract of presentation: What if the future servicescape of airports could be reshaped through interactive digital technologies enabling customers to share insights in real-time? We investigate how smart technology can be applied through every step of the customer journey to effectively collect and accommodate customer needs and, thereby, enhance the customer experience.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 11:20 - 01-12-2021 Organized by Stibo
      At this session, you get a glimpse into the future. Get insights into the future Airport Servicescapes when Katja Anker Sørensen and Silas Lyng tell you about their findings on how interactive digital technologies can enable customers to share insights in real-time in airports. Also meet Lea Fischer, who will share her ideas on how we can navigate towards the future of retail using augmented reality. To kick off the session, you get to meet director of Stibo Accelerator Karsten Dehler who will share his views on how working with radical innovation can help companies find their future direction.
      Business Talk: “About Stibo Accelerator and how we collaborate with student on radical innovation”, Karsten Dehler, Director, Stibo Accelerator    
      Talent Talk: “Reshaping the Future of Airport Servicescapes”, Katja Anker Sørensen & Silas Lyng
      Stud. MSc. Eng. Technology-Based Business Development, Stibo Accelerator                     
      Talent Talk: “Navigate towards the Future of Retail using Augmented Reality”, Lea Fischer, Stibo Accelerator
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