• Chris Zimmerman

    Senior Analytical Consultant, Google

    Chris Zimmerman is a Senior Analytical Consultant at Google. He is a doctoral researcher at the Department of Digitalization and an external lecturer at the Department of Management, Society and Communication at CBS. He also teaches out of the IT University of Copenhagen's computer science department. His main research interests combine information visualization, language analysis and computational social science. Chris comes from a background as an information designer, consultant and analyst. He has a bachelor’s degree in International Business and a masters in Information Systems (cand.merc.it) with a focus on social media and urban informatics. Areas of subsequent PhD research include data visualization, computational linguistics and emotional mapping. Within the domain of Design Science, Chris has developed several dashboard artifacts and tool prototypes, including the publicly available emotional detection engine, www.emotionvis.com.    As a practitioner, Chris works to help Google's biggest clients grow their business by helping them see opportunities; learning more about their communities, trending topics and presence in the world around them (online). Prior to current careers in academia and at Google, Chris had worked in the institutional marketing domain of an investment bank in New York, before going on to internal managerial consulting in Paris. In Denmark, Chris has previously worked at a digital marketing agency, building campaign and product launch dashboards for global Danish clients, as well as a freelance analyst and information designer.   Title of presentation:  What will post-pandemic digital workplaces look like?  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • CPH Conference Foyer
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by CBS
      Discussion and debate informed by latest scientific evidence and current best practices in business:
      • What will post-pandemic digital workplaces look like?
      • How to take advantage of lessons learned during the pandemic?
      The pandemic has thrown into sharp light that people want to work in a different way, with individual flexibility being the keyword. Some want more remote work, some less, some want more face-to-face contact with colleagues and managers, some less, and everyone wants to be recognized and do something meaningful – life is short, we have been reminded! This panel will discuss these shifts and different business and science perspectives on what the post-pandemic workforce really wants and how to make hybrid workplaces work for everyone.
      Introduction: “Introduction to the topic, agenda and panelists”, Mari-Klara Stein, Associate Professor of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School
      Panel Debate:
      • What will post-pandemic digital workplaces look like? (short presentations by 5 panelists)
      • Interaction and Q&A with audience
      • Erik Korsvik Østergaard, Futures Thinker and Transformation Architect.
      • Helle Rootzen, CEO & Founder, coach, foredragsholder, inspirator, digital - med helhed og balance.
      • Pete Jaworski, Director, People Data & Analytics at A.P. Moller – Maersk & Managing Partner at Nordic Human Capital Advisory.
      • Christopher James Zimmerman, Senior Analytical Consultant at Google.
      • Trine Hoffensetz Winther, Chief Operations Officer at MeeW.
       Science meets Business:
      • Tina Blegind Jensen (Professor, Department of Digitalization, CBS) presents key scientific findings that should inform the design of post-pandemic digital workplaces
      • Commentary by other panelists: How can the findings be put into practice? 
      • Q&A with audience
      Session coordinator: Mari-Klara Stein Associate Professor of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School & Tina Blegind Jensen, Professor of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business SchoolCBS
      Facilitator: Mari-Klara Stein, CBS
      Post-pandemic digital workplaces: Science meets business
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