• Niklas Allamand Frijs-Madsen

    Co-founder & CEO, Bodil

    Bodil is transforming the energy retrofitting industry from the outside in – we believe in a future where the homes we live in don’t damage the planet we live on. We are building the digital infrastructure and tools to accelerate market uptake and efficiency of energy retrofitting, connecting homeowners, contractors, green capital, manufacturers, and more. We are also building an ML-based model for energy optimization of the heating, solar, and charging infrastructure in collaboration with DTU.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 14:05 - 01-12-2021 Organized by all Danish Universities in collaboration with DIREC, Open Entrepreneurship and KRING
      How should Universities and Corporates contribute to better and more startups? Join the debate between Thomas Howard, Associate Professor at DTU Entrepreneurship, Jon Sigvert from Reel and others when they discuss collaboration and co-creation across sectors.
      Panel debate:Collaboration and co-creation” (30 min)

      • Thomas Howard, Associate Professor, DTU Entrepreneurship, Technical University of Denmark
      • Jon Sigvert, CEO and Co-founder, Reel
      • Kristian Bloch, Business Owner, Housing
      • Niklas Allamand, Co-founder, Bodil
      • Daiana Fobian Nielsen, Senior Innovation Advisor, Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley and Co-founder of Danish Crowdsourcing
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