• Carina Lomberg

    Associate Professor, DTU

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Startup stage
      01-12-2 - Organized by all Danish Universities in collaboration with DIREC, Open Entrepreneurship and KRING

      Do you want to build your first startup team or just get better at leading your team? Then join Associate Professor Carina Lomberg's talk on how to build startup teams. Carina will bring essential tools to succeding as a team and how to bring them into your team. Don't miss out on taking care of yourself. Founder mental health is key to success. Join the talk by Mads Misiak Friis who is the founder of Growth Island when he takes us through why and how to stay sane in the startup world. 
      How do you build a healthy and high performing culture in your startup? Join Micki Kold Nagel's, founder of Pleaz and Let Leg, talk on creating wellbeing and how it creates more successful businesses.
      Masterclass:How to build Startup Teams”, Carina Lomberg, Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark
       (30 min)
      Masterclass:Winning habits for mental health and performance”, Mads Misiak Friis, Founder, Growth Island and Partner, KRING (30 min)   
      Masterclass:Building Company Culture”, Micki Kold Nagel, CEO and Co-Founder, Pleaz and founder, Let leg” (30 min)
      Startup 1: Masterclasses (a) - Teams, Company culture and Mental health
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