• Christofer Meinecke

    MSc., Leipzig University

    Christofer Meinecke received the MSc degree in computer science from Leipzig University, Germany, in 2019. Currently, he is a PhD student and research assistant at the Image and Signal Processing Group, Leipzig University. His research interests include information visualization, visualization in the humanities and machine learning for the humanities.

    Title of presentation:
    Towards Enhancing Virtual Art Museums

    Abstract of presentation:
    The use of online image archives like WikiArt can help together with machine learning methods and interactive visualizations in offering different perspectives on artwork collections, leading to
    serendipitous discoveries and stimulating new insights. This can be done through virtual online access or in place for example with AR.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • CPH Conference Foyer
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by SDU

      As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Union’s Horizon Europe program seeks to support virtual accessibility of cultural heritage sites and to invest in a better preservation of cultural heritage artifacts. The session will demonstrate virtual interfaces born in different research projects that already facilitate virtual experiences, and which are ready for large-scale applications in the coming years. Participants will have the chance to try out the presented tools in a demo session.

      Introduction: “Virtual Interfaces for Cultural Heritage”, Stefan Jänicke, Assoc. Prof. for Data Science, SDU
      Scientific Talk: “Towards Enhancing Virtual Art Museums”, Christofer Meinecke, MSc., Leipzig University and Chris Hall, Museum Exhibition Designer, Chris Hall Design
      Business Talk: “MuseumStars - Mobile Learning for Cultural Heritage”, Anna Konrath, Digital Concepts, Fluxguide, Dr. Kasra Seirafi, CEO, Fluxguide
      Scientific Talk: “Virtualizing Musical Instruments with the musiXplora”, Jakob Kusnick, MSc., SDU
      Panel Session: “Virtual Interfaces for Cultural Heritage”
      Virtual Interfaces “Try-out-session" (all speakers will allow participants of the session to try out their presented virtual interfaces)

      Session coordinator: Stefan Jänicke, Assoc. Prof. for Data Science, SDU
      Facilitator: Christian Walther Bruun, Grøn/Bruun
      Virtual Interfaces for Cultural Heritage
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