• Michael S. Nielsen

    CCO, BlockShipping


    As the CCO of Blockshipping and co-founder of INTTRA, the largest e-network in logistics, Michael brings +30 years of global, digital experience. Earlier he was part of leading Maersk e-business, and he is today helping companies take advantage of the digital transformation. Michael holds a diploma from CBS and Harvard Business School.  

    Title of presentation: 

    How AI is used to increase sustainability and efficiency – 1  

    Abstract of presentation: 

    2021.AI and Blockshipping have made an industry-defining step in bringing the AI-enhanced capabilities of Blockshipping’s AI-Import Dwell Time Prediction solution to market, to the benefit of container terminals and their customers around the world. Thanks to the cooperation it is now possible to reduce container shuffle/set-aside moves by more than 30%

    Speaker for following sessions
    • KPMG Hall
      30-11-2 - Organized by IPU and DI Digital
      In this session we want to pinpoint how smart manufacturing with use of AI in machines/robots can play an active role in industries to provide solutions to challenges for society including the preservation of resources, climate change and social stability.
      Introducing smart manufacturing: Søren Merit, CEO,  IPU
      Scientific Talks: “The potential with AI and smart manufacturing”, Murat Kulahci, Professor, DTU   
      Business Talk: “How AI contributes to minimize waste and attrition of employees”, Leo Zhou, Co-Founder & CEO, Nordbo Robotics
      Business Talk: “How AI is used to increase sustainability and efficiency - 1”, Michael S. Nielsen, CCO, BlockShipping
      Business Talk: “How AI is used to increase sustainability and efficiency - 2”, Kristoffer G. Clausen, Data Scientist, 2021.AI
      Session coordinator: Søren Merit, CEO, IPU and Joachim Nørgaard Strikert, DI Digital
      Facilitator: Søren Merit, CEO, IPU
      Smart manufacturing - Applying AI into operations
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