• Henrik Gordon Petersen

    Professor, SDU

    Bio: Henrik Gordon Petersen is a professor and Head of Section at SDU Robotics. His research interests include modeling and simulation of robots, robotic systems and processes; planning of robot motions and trajectories for complex tasks; and linking virtual models of robotic systems to their real counterparts. Title of presentation: New technologies for industrial robotic systems Abstract of presentation: In this talk, we present some of the new technologies for industrial robotic systems that we foresee will enter the market within the forthcoming years. Focus will be on modeling and simulation technologies for facilitating the design and implementation of robotic systems and, in particular to facilitate the programming of difficult robotic tasks.  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Spisehuset
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by SDU in collaboration with Odense Robotics 

      To remain sustainable and competitive, Danish manufacturing industries need new technologies within robotic automation. The purpose of the session is to present some of the most important of these technologies and to discuss if and when manufacturing companies should either passively rely on that their needed technological solutions will be provided or take a more active role in the development.

      Introduction: Mikkel Christoffersen, CEO, Odense Robotics
      Scientific Talk: “New technologies for industrial robotic systems”, Henrik Gordon Petersen, Professor, SDU Robotics, SDU
      Scientific Talk: “Integrating robotic technologies into I4.0 systems”, Ole Madsen, Professor, AAU
      Business Talk: “Mimic: copying human motion onto robots“, Jimmy Alison Jørgensen, CTO, Nordbo Robotics
      Business Talk: “Enabled Robotics - A New Level of Flexibility“, Lars-Peter Ellekilde, CEO, Enabled Robotics
      Business Talk: “Automation in assembly processes“, Flemming Møller Hansen, Head of Manufacturing Concepts, Kamstrup
      Panel discussion: “For robotic technologies: when should companies wait for the solutions to become commercially available and when should they be active in the development?”

      Session coordinator: Henrik Gordon Petersen, Professor, Head of Section, SDU Robotics, SDU
      Facilitator: Laurids Hovgaard, Journalist, Ingeniøren
      Robotics for Industrial Applications. What should be the Danish Strategy?
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