• Bent Dalager

    Partner, KPMG NewTech

    Bent is Nordic Head of NewTech and Partner at KPMG in Denmark. NewTech is dealing exclusively with cutting-edge AI technologies (Robotics, Machine Learning, Chat-Voice-bots, AR, VR, etc.) and focuses on “consulting by doing”. Bent has more than 25 years' consulting experience from a wide number of different industries and has successfully led some of the most complex system implementations and advisory programmes in the financial services industry in the world. Bent is a trusted C-level advisor, commentator and speaker regarding cutting-edge technology and its impact on business and society. He has a background in computer science and artificial intelligence.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 16:30 - 30-11-2021 To most people [present at Digital Tech Summit least], the big question is not whether Tech should play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable future. It’s rather how we should do it, how we make sure Tech is used in ways so that we don’t loose sight of Humanity and the World and its creatures. Is Humans First a concept we need, and if so, for how long? Follow and contribute to the conversation where we address the bigger objectives as well as the smaller steps we need to take, individually as well as collectively, in Denmark as well as in Europe.
    • M5
      01-12-2 - Organized by KU
      Introduction: “The second quantum revolution is here!”, Partner Bent Dalager, KPMG NewTech
      Scientific Talk: “Quantum sensing”, Hans Stærkind, Niels Bohr Institute, KU (15 min)
      Business Talk: “Quantum communications”, Troels Steenstrup KPMG  (15 min)
      Scientific Talk: “NISQ/algoritmer/simulatorer”, Matthias Christandl and Nikolaj Thomas Zinner, QMATH, KU and Institute for Physics and Astronomy, AU (30 min)
      Discussion among the presenters and questions (15 min)
      Peter Viereck, Viercon and Jan W. Thomsen, Niels Bohr Institute
      Bent Dalager, KPMG
      Quantum Technologies state-of-the-art – based on real life use cases
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