• Niels Gorm Rytter

    Associate professor and Section Head, SDU

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Enghave Plads & Kødbyen
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by RUC in collaboration with DIREC, MARLOG and Maritime Research Alliance

      The maritime area is currently going through a digital transition with data collected and waiting to be exploited to gain information and which can improve operations. The maritime industry is at the same time facing a need for greening their operations. This session will look at how digitalization and algorithms can be used by the maritime industry to today to, without renewing the fleet and other large investments, achieve a greening of their operations and especially CO2 reductions.

      Introduction: Rune Møller Jensen, Associate professor, ITU
      Scientific Talk: “Decision support tools for energy efficient operations in liner shipping”, David Pisinger, Professor, DTU, and Line Reinhardt Associate professor, RUC
      Business Talk: "Targeting GHG emission reduction with Policy Learning Technigues", Klaus Holst, Principal Scientist, Maersk
      Scientific Talk: “Digitalization as an enabler of Sustainable Ship Operations -Examples from ECOPRODIGI / EXOPRODIGI”, Niels Gorm Rytter, Associate professor and Section head, SDU
      Business Talk: "Decabonization and Digitalization; The Connected Ship", Ernest Fuller, Head of Innovation Technology, MARLOG, and Nanna Thit Hemmingsen, Project manager, MARLOG
      Panel debate: (Moderator Rune Møller Jensen) How can digitalization reduce greenhouse gas emissions from maritime operations?

      Session coordinator: Thomas Roslyng Olesen, Assistant Professor, CBS/CBS Maritime and Line Reinhardt, RUC
      Facilitator: Rune Møller Jensen, ITU
      Maritime green transformation and digitalization
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