• Anders Mynster

    Head of Nordic IoT Center, FORCE Technology

    Anders has been working as a specialist in wireless communication and IoT at FORCE technology for 12 years. He holds a Master degree in electrical and electronic engineering and has a specialization in wireless communication. He is also an IoT expert at ISO and IEC, contributing primarily to the IoT reference architecture and is part of the advisory board for the coming Danish labelling for IT-security and data accountability. He is also part of the Danish industry associations EU technical expert panel and part of the standardization political forum and Danish standards

    Title of presentation:
    The IoT Ecosystem and connectivity, how to get partners for IoT development for smart city applications

    Abstract of presentation:
    In This talk, Anders Mynster will introduce the concept of an IoT ecosystem and how to analyse the need for partners in an IoT project. The presentation will show the role based ecosystem model as a tool for how to identify roles that are not covered inhouse and the Nordic IoT center partner site for identification of organisations with such competences. Lastly he will demonstrate how to find partners for connectivity and the advantages of the approach.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Kastrup Lufthavn
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by AAU in collaboration with We Build Denmark

      Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that has been developing throughout the last two decades, but in the recent years it gained a significant momentum through its presence in 3GPP standards, such as NB-IoT, for wireless mobile networks. Mobile operators rely on IoT as an enabler of the next generation business models. Currently, an emerging technology that receives a significant attention is IoT through LEO satellites, as it promises to bring seamless and affordable connectivity over wide area for maritime, logistics, agriculture, and other industries. As a specific area of application the smart city use cases will be highlighted.

      Introduction: “Internet of Things in 5G and beyond”, Petar Popovski, Professor in Connectivity, Aalborg University
      Business Talk: “Bringing 5G NB-IOT to Space”, Thomas Scott Jensen, Senior Vice President, Gatehouse SatCom A/S
      Scientific Talk: “End-to-end delay in LEO satellite constellations”, Nestor Javier Hernandez Marcano, AU
      Business Talk: “The Challenges of Wireless Communications for IoT”, Germán Corrales Madueño, Senior Research Engineer, Keysight Technologies
      Scientific Talk: “Representing and Interacting with Streaming IoT Data”, Aslak Johansen, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
      Business Talk: “The IoT Ecosystem and connectivity, how to get partners for IoT development for the smart city”, Anders Mynster, Head of Nordic IoT Center, FORCE Technology

      Session coordinator: Petar Popovski, Aalborg University
      Facilitator: Petar Popovski, Aalborg University
      Internet of Things Connectivity from Space and Ground
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