• Marta Stelmaszak

    Assistant Professor, Portland State University - School of Business

    Bio: Marta Stelmaszak Rosa is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems. She holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and postgraduate degrees in Management, Information Systems and Innovation and Data Science. Her research concerns data science and analytics development and management within organizations. Title of presentation: Behind datawork: how organizations create valuable data Abstract of presentation: Before organizations can generate value from data to achieve better performance, valuable data need to be created first. I reveal the datawork that takes place behind the scenes to ensure the value of organizational data. The principles of datawork that I present can help organizations leverage value from data.  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Kastrup Lufthavn
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by CBS

      This session will introduce the audience to disruptive ideas and examples about the possibilities that organizations nowadays have to generate value from their data that has a positive effect on their financial performance. Through a series of short presentations and group discussions, the participants will gain actionable insights on how to become and benefit from being more data driven with a focus on creating value. These insights will help organizations to explore new data-driven business models and outwin their competitors.

      Introduction: Ioanna Constantiou, CBS
      Scientific Talk: “Behind the scenes of datawork: how valuable data are created in organizations”, Marta Stelmaszak, Portland State University - School of Business
      Business Talk: “How Novo Nordisk unlocks the potential value of data”, Thomas B. Larsen, Director, NovoNordisk
      Scientific Talk: “Data Science enabled Decision-making in Bureaucratic Organizations”, Mayur Joshi, Alliance Manchester Business School
      Business Talk: "A Success Case of working with data analytics” Thomas Albrechtsen, Common Consulting
      Debate: “How can we push Danish Industries further on the way to industry 5.0?”
      Participants: Marta Stelmaszak, Thomas B. Larsen, Mayur Joshi, Thomas Albrechtsen Facilitator: José Parra Moyano, CBS
      Summing up: “What did we learn?”, Arisa Shollo, CBS

      Session coordinator: Ioanna Constantiou, CBS
      Facilitator: TBA
      How can your organization become the new Google? Or at least, improve the value creation from data!
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