• Jessica Sanmartin

    PhD candidate, University of Bern

    Bio:  I’m passionate about agile software development and highly interested in understanding how the methodology affects management, collaboration and leadership. Therefore I started my PhD in 2019 at the University of Bern. As a researcher I’m exploring paradoxical tensions in the context of IT project & program management. Last June I’ve published my first research paper which I’ve presented at the European Conference on Information Systems 2021. I’m convinced that management, collaboration and leadership in the area of IT can only be understood by observing and understanding human beings working in the field. Therefore I kept my employment in the information and communication technology company where I started my carrier 8 years ago. As a practitioner I was working as a strategic sourcing manager from 2018-2020. This position provided me with the possibility to dive deep into higher management and steering of IT. Today I’m digitizing services as Product Manager Digital Support.   Title of presentation:  Exploring IT Projects as Enablers of Transforming Digital Customer Experiences   Abstract of presentation:  In this presentation the interaction of IT projects with experience designers inside and outside project boundaries is explored during the digitalization of services. It's an exploratory inquiry that reveals an interesting case narrative. The story of cross-functional devops teams including experience designers is told and how their practices differ from strategic long-term experience design performed outside of agile IT projects. The case explores how a large telecommunications company seeks to innovate and leverage advances in technology to transform their customer experience from physical touchpoints to solely digital services. Digital services often combine different resources that may be owned by the service provider, other contributors or the customer itself. We explore how an organization transforms the digital customer experience from the perspective of an IT project by investigating how individuals identify and perceive customer needs. We do so by asking how IT projects can enable a transformation towards digital customer experiences. We found that applying similar experience design tools across IT projects to represent and design the customer experience is not enough. Moreover, preliminary findings suggest that the limitation of the scope of IT projects can challenge the delivery of a digital customer experience, as only by combining project outcomes an IT transformation in terms of delivering a holistic customer experience can be realized.        

    Speaker for following sessions
    • IDA Hall
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by ITU

      In recent years focus on technology has developed from seeing the IT product as a stand-alone product to it being part of a larger service. This shift in perspective does not only require a shift in mindset but also an organisational transformation: business transformation is now IT driven and fundamentally changes how services are provided. The focus on transitioning towards delivering services has a profound impact on organizational structures, processes and technology. But more importantly, it affects people’s mindset and routines. In this session you will hear about two cases that are transitioning towards digital services. Valuing a design centric perspective, we discuss how design tools and methods can support organizations and individuals to better plan and cope with changes.

      Introduction: “What are the challenges in a transformation from product to service”, Lene Nielsen, Associate Professor, ITU
      Scientific/Business Talk: “Design tools and methods to support a transition towards services”, Olivia Harre, Industrial PhD, ITU
      Scientific Talk: “Exploring IT Projects as Enablers of Transforming Digital Customer Experiences”, Jessica Sanmartin, PhD candidate, University of Bern
      Panel discussion: “how can we overcome the challenges in the transformation from product to service?”
      Participants: Sanna-Maria Mattila, ITU; Simon Clatworthy, Professor, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, responsible for the area of service design; Bjarke Daugaard, Head of Design, Heap

      Session coordinator: Lene Nielsen, ITU
      Facilitator: Lene Nielsen, ITU
      From physical touchpoints to offering digital services
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