• Mathias  Vinter

    Head of Holo Air, Holo Air 

    Bio:  Mathias is educated Urban Planner from Roskilde University and now Head of Holo Air. Mathias is representing the company in the Healthdrone project. Mathias has already been part of several risk assessments which aim to bring ‘specific’ drone operations closer to the market and future customers.   Title of presentation:  Logistic drones in the Danish market   Abstract of presentation:  Why does one of the largest Danish car companies want to put drones in the air? We are looking into a future where we will see massive changes in how we think mobility. How can you get your high-value package to the destination in the most efficient way? Can logistic drones be a steppingstone for a bigger drone infrastructure that includes passenger transportation?  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Spisehuset
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by SDU in collaboration with Odense Robotics

      Drone technology is seen as having massive commercial potential, but how far are we really? The purpose of this session is to investigate the potential of commercially available drone technology to make a difference for Danish society. Presentations will cover current applications of drone technology, the upcoming hot areas where we expect a massive growth within the next decade, and the research currently being done to support this growth.

      Welcome talk: Lars Michael Larsen, UAS Test Center, Odense Robotics (will do the welcoming talk) Lisa Rosenlyst Hansen, Odense Robotics (will participate in the panel)
      Scientific Talk: “Towards faster, smaller, more agile yet safer drones”, Erdal Kayacan, Associate Professor, University of Aarhus
      Business Talk: “Strategic market focus as result driver in new tech business”, Søren Land, Chief Commercial Officer, Lorenz Technology
      Business Talk: “The future of healthcare drones”, Nicolai Søndergaard Laugesen, Global Head of Bid & Commercial Excellence, Falck Vertical
      Business Talk: “Logistic drones in the Danish market”, Mathias Vinter, Head of Holo Air, Holo Air
      Scientific Talk: “Towards autonomous drones in Denmark”, Kjeld Jensen, associate professor, University of Southern Denmark
      Panel discussion: “When will drones become useful for Danish society?”

      Session coordinator: Ulrik Pagh Schultz, Professor, Head of SDU UAS Centre, University of Southern Denmark
      Facilitator: Bjørn Godske, journalist, Ingeniøren
      Drone technology and applications
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