• Harry Lahrmann

    Associate Professor, AAU

    Harry Lahrmann is Associate Professor at Aalborg University. His research concerns His key research areas are transport planning and traffic engineering – with focus on intelligent transport systems and traffic safety. With his colleagues, he has authored over 200 scientific conference papers, articles and books within these areas.

    Title of presentation:
    Road Pricing – digital solutions and societal impact

    Abstract of presentation:
    In the fight for a sustainable transport sector, one of the most important contributions that digitalisation of vhicular transporttation can make is road pricing - both in relation to transport's CO2 emissions and congestion. This presentation will discuss today's technological possibilities for and how to design a roadpricing system for passenger cars.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Hovedbanegården
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by AAU in collaboration with DIREC

      We are increasingly digitalizing important societal processes. This applies to vehicular transportation, which affects the lives of us all. Here, when applying novel analysis techniques, including AI-techniques such as machine learning, to data from from a variety of sources, it is possible to improve key aspects of vehicular transportation. This session showcases recent advances both technical and practical. It will also demonstrate the actual use in reallife cases, where machine learning already proves beneficial in our daily lives.

      Introduction: “Digitalization of vehicular transportation”, Christian S. Jensen, Professor, AAU Computer Science
      Scientific Talk: “Clean Mobility”, Kristian Torp, Professor (mso), AAU Computer Science
      Scientific Talk: “Machine Learning and Intelligent Transport”, Kim G. Larsen, Professor, AAU Computer Science
      Business Talk: “AI controlled intersections – a real life case”, Rasmus Lindholm, CEO, IntelliGo
      Business Talk: “How can we get most out of traffic data”, Rune Lyster, chief advisor, Vejdirektoratet
      Scientific Talk: “Road Pricing – digital solutions and societal impact”, Harry Lahrmann, Associate Professor, AAU Transport

      Facilitator: Christian S. Jensen, Professor, AAU Computer Science
      Digitalization in Vehicular Transportation
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