• Jakob E. Bardram

    Professor, DTU

    Jakob E. Bardram, MSc, PhD, is a Danish computer scientist and professor at DTU Health Tech. His research focuses on digital health, including basic technologies for electronic medical records, interactive displays for clinical logistics, and personal health technology for mental health. Read more on his home page [www.bardram.net].   Title of presentation: Digital Phenotyping   Abstract of presentation:  It is now more than ten years since smartphones became widely available as an open platform and have since then been used for creating novel personalised health applications. Increasingly, wearable technologies have been added as well for the continuous collection of physiological and behavioural data. In this talk, I will introduce the concept of "Digital Phenotyping" which utilize this wealth of data for identification of "Digital Biomarkers". I will provide examples from our research into mental health and cardiovascular diseases.  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Østerbro
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by DTU

      The pressure on hospitals to provide more personalized and specialized treatment and at the same time keep down costs has increased the need to move services out of the hospital and into the patients’ homes and everyday lives. For a number of patients, it will be an improvement to be treated while staying in their usual environment. Technology is an enabler of this opportunity and needs to be developed in close interaction between hospitals, municipalities, patients/users, and technology providers. This session will explore what promises digital health technologies holds in a future health care, with several short and to the point presentations from start-ups, large corporations, researchers, health economists and hospitals. The session is part of a digital health mini-track with CBS organising a workshop session following up on the above presentations with debate and discussion on how to move the field further.

      Introduction: Introduction to Digital Health (Stine Kruse)
      Scientific Talk: “Digital Phenotyping – Technologies for Collection and Identification of Digital Biomarkers”, Jakob E. Bardram, Professor, DTU Health Tech
      Scientific Talk: “A Hospital’s Need for Digital Technologies”, Christian Koerner, Director of Digitalization, Rigshospitalet
      Business Talk: “Digitalization can reduce inequality in healthcare“, Farzad Saber, CBDO & Member of the Board, O2matic
      Scientific Talk: “Health Economics and Digital Technologies”, Kristian Kidholm, Professor, Odense University Hospital
      Business Talk: “A vision for supporting the continuum of care”, Mikkel Harbo, Director, Business Development & Product Management, Systematic
      Business Talk: “COVID-19 as an Enabler for Digital Health”, Michael Christensen, Principal Software Architect, Alexandra Institute
      Business Talk: “Accelerate Digital Healthcare with Explainable AI”, Martin Mathiasen, Business and Customer Lead, Abzu Conclusion and transition to next session (Stine Kruse, DTU Health Tech )

      Session coordinator: Majken Lerche Møller, DTU Health Tech
      Facilitator: Stine Kruse, Head of Innovation, DTU Health Tech
      Digital Health Part I: Technologies for specialized and personalised treatment at home and in everyday lives of patients
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