• Henrik Lund Stærmose

    CEO, Neogrid Technologies ApS

    Henrik Lund Stærmose has co-founded Neogrid and developed the company over its 10 years of existence, with a long track record of industrial contribution to research and demonstration projects within the energy sector, and commercializing the results through ongoing business development. Moreover, Henrik is contributing to the development of the national green-transition strategy via the organization ‘Intelligent Energi’. Title of presentation: Data-driven control and monitoring to support energy efficient and flexible building operation Abstract of presentation: Energy efficiency and flexibility of the demand side are two essential enablers of sustainable energy systems. Neogrid Technologies are focusing on unlocking the potential of building heating systems for flexible energy systems. Experience from data-driven control and fault detection with its cloud platform will be presented, illustrating possibilities offered by adequate usage of data to improve building operations.  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Enghave Plads & Kødbyen
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by AAU in collaboration with DIREC

      Digitization of the energy system using state of the art technologies is a prerequisite in order to realise the green transition which is based on flexible use of distributed energy resources. The key technologies are IoT, Big Data analytics and AI. The session will present recent results and applications. The presenters participate in the Innovation Fund Denmark project Flexible Energy Denmark (FED) which aims at developing a data lake for Living Labs as well as tools, solutions and a business eco-system. Among the 24 project partners are the technical universities and utility/technology companies. The presentations will be related to the project aims.

      Introduction: “The importance of digital technologies in the green transition”, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Professor, AAU Computer Science
      Scientific Talk: “Digitalization for the future weather-driven energy system”, Henrik Madsen, Professor, DTU Compute
      Scientific Talk: “Business Eco-Systems for Digital Energy”, Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen, Professor, SDU Energy Informatics
      Business Talk: “Data-driven control and monitoring to support energy efficient and flexible building operation”, Henrik Lund Stærmose, CEO, Neogrid Technologies ApS
      Business Talk: “FlexShape Aggregator-as-a-Service for Scalable Digital Energy and Flexibility Trading”, Jonas Brusokas, Senior Scientist, FlexShape ApS
      Business Talk: “Center Denmark – the Danish Hub for Digital Energy”, Søren Skov Bording, CEO, Center Denmark

      Session coordinator: Arne Skou, Associate Professor, AAU Computer Science
      Facilitator: Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Professor, AAU Computer Science
      Digital Energy – using IoT, Big Data and AI for the Green Transition
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