• Jonas Fritsch

    Associate Professor, ITU


    Jonas Fritsch is Associate Professor in Interaction Design at the IT University of Copenhagen in the Department of Digital Design. His research revolves around a creative thinking of affective and emotional aspects of UX, interaction design and design theory through practical design experiments within digital healthcare, digital arts and interactive sound. He is Head of the Design Research Section and leading the Affective Interactions & Relations (AIR) Lab Research Group at ITU (https://airlab.itu.dk/).  

    Title of presentation: 

    Affective UX in Chronic Disease Care  

    Abstract of presentation: 

    In this talk I will present findings from ongoing research projects concerned with supporting the affective and emotional dimension of coping and living with chronic diseases through digital healthcare technologies. Finding out that one has a chronic disease and learning to live with this condition is a life-changing experience characterised by a great amount of affective and emotional uncertainty. I will propose an agenda for Affective UX as a central element in designing meaningful and careful technologies that actively engage with this condition to improve people’s overall wellbeing.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Etteplan Hall
      01-12-2 - Organized by ITU
      This session will give the audience an understanding of the strategic value of UX design for pharma and healthcare. It describes the role of user experience design in pharma and healthcare and introduce a diverse set of challenges related to people/patients and healthcare professionals which can – and should – be addressed with UX Design. In addition, several concrete tools that helps professionals work with specific UX design challenges will be introduced.
      Introduction: Jonas Fritsch, Associate Professor, ITU
      Scientific Talk:  “Affective UX in Chronic Disease Care”, Jonas Fritsch, Associate Professor, ITU
      Business Talk: “How to ensure multi-stakeholder value perspectives of digital healthcare solutions”, Rune Nørager, Human Factors Specialist, PhD, CEO, Design Psychology™
      Business Talk: “How RheumaBuddy became a leading mobile application with co-creation”, Andreas Dam, Founder, CEO, Daman
      Panel discussion and Q&A
      Session coordinator: Jonas Fritsch / Peter Ibsen, ITU
      Facilitator: Jonas Fritsch, ITU
      Designing the User Experience of Pharma and Healthcare Technology
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