• Kurt Nielsen

    President, Partisia Blockchain

    Bio: PhD in economics and co-founder of Partisia, Sepior and Partisia Blockchain Foundation. Experienced entrepreneur and business developer turning advanced cryptography solutions into innovative high-tech businesses for over 15 years. Title of presentation: Privacy and blockchain in practice Abstract of presentation: In an almost counter intuitive fashion, MPC and blockchain enable decentralize control and privacy in a more transparent data-driven economy where data is put to work across citizens and organizations. Partisia has been pioneering the use of MPC and for the past 4-5 years merged MPC with blockchain technologies. This talk presents the result of this work - Partisia Blockchain - and the many use cases it enables."

    Speaker for following sessions
    • KPMG Hall
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by AU in collaboration with DIREC 

      While blockchains are still a relatively new technology we see a new digital security infrastructure being designed with potentially deep impact on our society. It poses huge possibilities for better transparency, but remains a potential challenge to our economic institutions, digital interaction and sharing of information. This session introduces the basic building blocks of the blockchain technology, and explores future applications of Cybersecurity issues based on new research within blockchain, Smart Contracts and related technologies.

      Introduction: Bas Spitters, Associate professor, Dept. of Computer Science, AU.
      Scientific Talk: “MPC on Blockchains: Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts for Fun and Profit", Bernardo David, associate professor, ITU
      Scientific Talk: "Efficient, verified and secure cryptographic software: pick all three", Diego Aranha, associate professor, AU
      Scientific Talk: “Smart contracts and formal verification”, Bas Spitters, Associate professor, AU
      Business Talk:  “Privacy and blockchain in practice”, Kurt Nielsen,  Partisia Blockchain

      Session coordinator: Bas Spitters/Søren Poulsen, AU
      Facilitator: Bas Spitters, AU
      Building the foundation for future cybersecurity
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