• Bernardo David

    Associate Professor, ITU

    Bio:  Before joining ITU, Bernardo David was an Assistant Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Aarhus University obtained under the supervision of Ivan Damgård and Jesper Buus Nielsen. Bernardo in interested in a broad range of topics in cryptography and information theory. Currrently with a focus on theoretical and practical aspects of secure multiparty computation and blockchains. Further information can be found on Bernardos website: www.bmdavid.com   Title of presentation:  MPC on Blockchains: Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts for Fun and Profit   Abstract of presentation:  Abstract: In this talk we will survey some of our recent results on efficiently combining secure multiparty computation (MPC) protocols (i.e. cryptographic protocols for computing on private inputs) and permissionless blockchains. Our goal is reconciling the lack of privacy of blockchain ledgers with the stringent privacy requirements of MPC by obtaining the following features: 1. automatically performing financial transactions based on private data via fair privacy preserving computation, 2. making MPC protocols accountable, i.e. allowing third parties to verify that a given output was correctly obtained from an MPC execution. We will first describe a general framework for achieving these goals from any blockchain supporting smart contracts and an MPC protocol with certain properties (plus standard cryptographic primitives). Next, we will point out how this framework can be augmented to allow for privacy preserving financial transactions to be generated both as inputs and outputs to an MPC execution. Finally, we will describe how these techniques can be applied to solve the practical problems of constructing privacy preserving and fair Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Automated Market Making (AMM) systems.  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • KPMG Hall
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by AU in collaboration with DIREC 

      While blockchains are still a relatively new technology we see a new digital security infrastructure being designed with potentially deep impact on our society. It poses huge possibilities for better transparency, but remains a potential challenge to our economic institutions, digital interaction and sharing of information. This session introduces the basic building blocks of the blockchain technology, and explores future applications of Cybersecurity issues based on new research within blockchain, Smart Contracts and related technologies.

      Introduction: Bas Spitters, Associate professor, Dept. of Computer Science, AU.
      Scientific Talk: “MPC on Blockchains: Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts for Fun and Profit", Bernardo David, associate professor, ITU
      Scientific Talk: "Efficient, verified and secure cryptographic software: pick all three", Diego Aranha, associate professor, AU
      Scientific Talk: “Smart contracts and formal verification”, Bas Spitters, Associate professor, AU
      Business Talk:  “Privacy and blockchain in practice”, Kurt Nielsen,  Partisia Blockchain

      Session coordinator: Bas Spitters/Søren Poulsen, AU
      Facilitator: Bas Spitters, AU
      Building the foundation for future cybersecurity
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