• Kim Peiter Jørgensen

    PhD fellow, ITU


    Continuing a lifelong management career in digital transformation in global organisations, now on phd project in blockchain economics on Universal Wallets the user interface to blockchains for handling digital assets, not least our digital identities. The wallets are expected to get a key transformational role as safe interfaces to abundant smart devices in future society.  

    Title of presentation: 

    Boost your business by applying Decentral IS Paradigms  

    Abstract of presentation: 

    As current business models do not address contemporary needs in an networked society with increasingly fine grained systems, practical approaches are needed focusing on specific value creation from non-centralistic solutions. Goods theory provides entrances to collaborative approaches. From our practical experiences we see this mind-shift as critical for the awakening of decision makers.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Etteplan Hall
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by ITU

      Modern societies complicated connections beg for decentral business models to deliver services fulfilling these needs. Blockchain based solutions are used for opening for other venues than classical individual bottom line oriented models. We will show different approaches through goods theory and how these can be applied to business areas not normally addressed – and a little on why this is not just network economy. We will show a practical example of a universal wallet that is considered both as access gateway to intelligent devices multiplying globally. The societal effect of these wallets being proactive and intelligent is expected to be enormous even if unforeseeable.

      Introduction: “Why are decentral economic models and Universal Wallets interesting at all?”, Kim Peiter Jørgensen, PhD fellow, European Blockchain Center, ITU
      Scientific Talk: “Decentral Business Models – servicing the (automated) society of tomorrow”, Kim Peiter Jørgensen, PhD fellow, ITU
      Business Talk: Paiblock – a Universal Wallet in context”, Mark Arthur, PhD., CEO, Paiblock
      Debate: “Distributed society: Challenges, Opportunities. Universal Wallets as a key ‘agent’

      Session coordinator: Kim Peiter Jørgensen, ITU, and Peter Ibsen, ITU
      Facilitator: Kim Peiter Jørgensen, ITU
      Boost your business by applying Decentral Paradigms (as used in DLT/Blockchain solutions)
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