• Elo Svanebjerg

    CTO, Vestergaard Company

      Bio:    Title of presentation:  Autonomous Systems in ground services (airport ect.)   Abstract of presentation:  

    Speaker for following sessions
    • KPMG Hall
      30-11-2 - Organized by IPU and DI Digital
      Possibilities, cases, and safety in autonomous systems.
      Scientific Talk: “Autonomous Systems – how to…?”, Roberto Galeazzi, Head of DTU Centre for Collaborative Autonomous Systems, Technical University of Denmark
      Business Talks: “Introducing about Autonomous Systems”, Søren Merit, CEO, IPU
      Business Talks: “Autonomous Systems in ground services (airport ect.)”, Elo Svanebjerg, CTO, Vestergaard Company
      Business Talks: “Safety in Autonomous Systems”, Tommy Ertbølle Madsen, CEO, AgriRobot
      Session coordinator: Søren Merit, CEO, IPU and Joachim Nørgaard Strikert, DI Digital
      Facilitator: Søren Merit, CEO, IPU
      Autonomous System – Why it makes business sense beyond self-driving cars
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