• Inge Li Gørtz

    Professor, DTU

    Bio: Inge Li Gørtz is Professor in the Algorithms and Data Structures at the Technical University of Denmark, Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (DTU Compute). Her research interest is in the design and analysis of data structures and algorithms, especially, pattern matching, data compression, compressed computation, and approximation algorithms.

    Title of presentation: Using Compressed Computation in Science and Industry

    Abstract of presentation: To store and communicate data driven applications we keep data in compressed form. The ability to index and compute directly via compressed data is gaining importance, as digitally stored data volumes are increasing at unprecedented speed. I will talk about approaches to process and query compressed data sets in a scalable way by performing the computational task directly on the compressed data without decompressing it first.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • Sankt Hans Torv & Nørrebros Runddel B
      30-11-2 -
      Organized by KU

      Algorithms can dramatically increase efficiency and save energy and resources. With three scientific talks we will demonstrate how algorithms can push the limits for computing in theory as well as in practice, when adopted in industrial applications.
      Welcome and Scientific Talk, “Algorithms can dramatically increase efficiency and save energy and resources”, Mikkel Thorup, professor, KU (DIKU)
      Scientific Talk: “Sketching methods for resource-efficient machine learning”, Rasmus Pagh, Professor, KU
      Scientific Talk: "Using Compressed Computation in Science and Industry",  Inge Li Gørtz, Professor, Technical University of Denmark
      Questions and Answers from the audience to the panel of speakers.
      Session coordinator: Inge Hviid Jensen, KU
      Facilitator: Mikkel Thorup, KU
      Algorithms pushing the limits for computing
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