• Karsten Dehler


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    • 13:30 - 30-11-2021 Organized by Stibo
      Attracting the right tech talent is the largest competition parameter for successful businesses in the future. At this session, you get to meet CEO of Copenhagen Capacity, Nikolaj Lubanski, who will deliver insights on how we need to revise our way of thinking in order to attract bright minds from abroad. Also, Director of Stibo Accelerator Karsten Dehler shares knowledge about how Stibo collaborates with students on radical innovation as a means to attracting new talents. Last but not last, you get the chance to meet current and former Accelerator students and hear about their exciting projects and career paths.
      Business Talk: “Innovation Talent Attraction”, Nikolaj Lubanski, COO – Chief Operating Officer
      Talent Talk: “Data Driven Decisions in the Supermarket”, Søren Lundtoft, Anders Nies and, Laurits Langberg. Stibo Systems
      Talent Talk: “Employer Branding / Automated interview Platform”. David Le, Valeriu Rusu & Viktoria Kouni, Stibo Accelerator     
      Talent Talk: “Deep Learning for automatic product classification in MDM”, Ana Arhip & Alexandru-Robert Croitoru, Stibo Accelerator
      Business Talk: “About Stibo Accelerator and how we collaborate with students on radical
      12:30 - 30-11-2021 Talent development is a high priority in the Stibo Group that provides information management and print technology software for business operations all over the world. The company has existed since 1794 starting as a classic printing company. Since the very beginning of the technological revolution, the company has had a strong conviction that innovation is the key to future development and growth. That is why Stibo has its own Accelerator offering students and startups the best possible setup for exploring new trends and technologies in close collaboration with industry partners from the Stibo Companies’ vast global network. At this session, you get to meet CEO of the Stibo Group Sten Dyrmose and Karsten Dehler, Director of Stibo Accelerator explaining why Stibo has an intense focus on talent and how working with students and radical innovation continuously challenges the Aarhus based company with offices in more than 20 countries all over the world with more than 1500 employees. The session will be concluded by at Q&A Session facilited by tech journalist David Guldager. Before and after the session, join David Guldager at the Stibo Talent Area at Digital Tech Summit.
    • 11:20 - 01-12-2021 Organized by Stibo
      At this session, you get a glimpse into the future. Get insights into the future Airport Servicescapes when Katja Anker Sørensen and Silas Lyng tell you about their findings on how interactive digital technologies can enable customers to share insights in real-time in airports. Also meet Lea Fischer, who will share her ideas on how we can navigate towards the future of retail using augmented reality. To kick off the session, you get to meet director of Stibo Accelerator Karsten Dehler who will share his views on how working with radical innovation can help companies find their future direction.
      Business Talk: “About Stibo Accelerator and how we collaborate with student on radical innovation”, Karsten Dehler, Director, Stibo Accelerator    
      Talent Talk: “Reshaping the Future of Airport Servicescapes”, Katja Anker Sørensen & Silas Lyng
      Stud. MSc. Eng. Technology-Based Business Development, Stibo Accelerator                     
      Talent Talk: “Navigate towards the Future of Retail using Augmented Reality”, Lea Fischer, Stibo Accelerator
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