• Kim Vejlby


    Bio: I joined FOSS in 2002 as VP in R&D, became member of FOSS group management in 2009 and CEO in 2016. I have worked with business & product development, service, quality, and production before stepping into the role as CEO. I hold an EE M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in digital signal and image processing from DTU.
    Title of presentation: AI, technology, and innovation to improve food quality to the highest standards

    Abstract of presentation: Integration across analytical solutions and use of AI has enabled actionable insights to optimize the food and agricultural chain from field to table. AI is changing virtually every part of analytics from automated instrument operation over integrated analytics to cloud services, all with the purpose of securing food safety, food quality, compliance, plant productivity and yield optimization.

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    • Main Stage
      01-12-2 - Organized by KU in collaboration with DIREC 

      The use of AI in business applications and operations is at the same time praised and cursed. AI has the potential to change virtually every business process in every industry. For businesses and organisations that want to maintain a competitive edge knowledge of when to use and when not to use AI is becoming imperative.
      In this session, you can learn about the changing landscape and ongoing work on regulations and standards for AI and hear about innovation and trustworthy applications of AI. We will end by a panel debate discussing how to reap the benefits and innovate with AI while avoiding the pitfalls.
      Introduction: Thomas Hildebrandt, Professor, Head of section, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, WP leader DIREC.
      Scientific Talk: “The EU “Artificial Intelligence Act” (AIA) Proposal and impact”, Henrik Palmer Olsen, Professor, Associate dean for research at Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.
      Business Talk: “Standards for AI – impact and opportunities for your company and organization”, Kim Skov Hilding, Head of the Danish National Standardization Committee for AI, Senior Consultant, Dansk Standard
      Business Talk: “AI, technology and innovation to improve food quality to the highest standards”, Kim Vejlby, CEO, FOSS
      Business Talk: “Trustworthy AI and High-Risk AI systems in a more regulated – and more human - world”, Peter Christian Damm, Applied Research Director, KMD
      Session coordinator: Thomas Hildebrandt, KU and Anders Pall Skött, KU
      Facilitator: Magnus Boye, Editor, DataTech  

      AI Session 4: Strategy and Applications of AI in business. Technology, regulation and standards
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