• Nicolas Padfield

    Laboratory leader, Roskilde University

    Nicolas Padfield is lab leader at Fablab RUC, a leading university digital fabrication laboratory. The lab offers democratized open access to modern digital fabrication technology - from computer controlled machines to 3D printers to lasers, robots and drones. Interacting with students, researchers, startups and large companies, Nicolas is regularly confronted with ethical challenges inherent in new technological possibilities. Will 3D printing increase or decrease waste? Should we help this student operate a chip into himself? Should we 3D print weapons? Will ubiquitous drones be a blessing or a dystopia? Nicolas is co-founder of illutron, Humtek and Fablab RUC. In his free time he is an acclaimed technological artist, building large scale interactive works out of steel, fire, light and sound.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 16:30 - 30-11-2021 To most people [present at Digital Tech Summit least], the big question is not whether Tech should play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable future. It’s rather how we should do it, how we make sure Tech is used in ways so that we don’t loose sight of Humanity and the World and its creatures. Is Humans First a concept we need, and if so, for how long? Follow and contribute to the conversation where we address the bigger objectives as well as the smaller steps we need to take, individually as well as collectively, in Denmark as well as in Europe.
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