• Jan Madsen

    Professor in Computer-Based Systems, DTU, Technical University of Denmark

    Jan Madsen is a professor and Deputy Director at DTU Compute, an expert in embedded systems, and fascinated by how his knowledge of computer systems can be used in completely different academic areas — such as biology.  His research covers Methods and tools for systems engineering of computing systems, presently Embedded systems-on-a-chip, Cyber-Physical Systems (Internet-of-Things), Microfluidic biochips (Lab-on-Chip) and Synthetic biology (molecular computing). Emphasis is on design, modelling, analysis and optimisation of such systems, including the development of design automation tools and design methodologies. 

    Jan holds a number of positions: Professor, Director and Head of Section. PhD Supervisor for six students, co-applicant to six major research projects, and consultant to a couple of spin-out companies. Lecturer, member of the think tank ‘Denmark 3.0’, and Danish Academic Ambassador to Singularity University.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 11:00 - 12:15 Life science laboratory 4.0: challenges and future solutions from academia and industry
      Organized by DTU in collaboration with Danish Life Science Cluster
      Future life science research will greatly benefit from data-driven discoveries enabled through automation and other industry 4.0 technologies. Universities, responsible for educating future generations of data and automation savvy biotechnologists, are presently facing challenges to do so for various reasons. But they also have an opportunity to become a major driver of innovation and help democratize the life science laboratory 4.0 jointly with industry.
      Scientific Talk: “Life science laboratory 4.0: present challenges and future solutions from academia”, Nikolaus Sonnenschein, Associate Professor, DTU
      Business Talk: “Flowbot ONE: Making liquid handling automation accessible to all”, Steen Vester, CTO, Flow Robotics A/S
      Business Talk: “Automation in all labs with no training”, Carl-Emil Grøn Christensen, CEO, Reshape Biotech
      Scientific Talk: “Bioware liquid computing - Beyond pipetting and the Petri dish”, Jan Madsen, Professor, Section Head, Deputy Director,  DTU Compute
      Scientific Talk: “Reliability and Safety in Laboratory Automation”, Xinxin Zhang, Assistant Professor, DTU
      Session coordinator: Nikolaus Sonnenschein, Associate Professor, DTU
      Facilitator: Nikolaus Sonnenschein, Associate Professor, DTU

      16:30 - 17:15 Keynote 3: Responsible Tech and "Human-Centric AI" – A conversation on How, Whereto, and Who?
      To most people [present at Digital Tech Summit least], the big question is not whether Tech should play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable future. It’s rather how we should do it, how we make sure Tech is used in ways so that we don’t loose sight of Humanity and the World and its creatures. Is Humans First a concept we need, and if so, for how long? Follow and contribute to the conversation where we address the bigger objectives as well as the smaller steps we need to take, individually as well as collectively, in Denmark as well as in Europe.
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