• Danny Lange

    Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), Unity

    Dr. Danny B. Lange is VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies. Formerly, Danny was Head of Machine Learning at Uber where he led an effort to build the world’s most versatile Machine Learning platform to support Uber’s rapid growth. With the help of this branch of Artificial Intelligence including Deep Learning, Uber can provide an even better service to its customers. Previously, Danny was the General Manager of Amazon Machine Learning - an AWS product that offers Machine Learning as a Cloud Service. Prior to Amazon, Danny was Principal Development Manager at Microsoft where he was leading a product team focused on large-scale Machine Learning for Big Data. Danny started his career as a Computer Scientist at IBM Research and has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark. 

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 10:30 - 30-11-2021 Organized by all Danish Universities in collaboration with DIREC, Open Entrepreneurship and KRING

      You are welcomed to the Digital Tech Summit Startup Community by KRING, a family of impact funds. The community is built around the 8 universities of Denmark and all its talents. The community also holds lots of experienced talents from the business world which gives the opportunity to learn from the best. 
      Join our first talk by Danne Lange, Unity, who will share his learnings from his own journey as an entrepreneur. 
      Welcoming talk by Danny Grydholt-Jantzen, Programme Managerm DTU, and Jacob Madsen, Managing Partner, KRING (10 min)
      Business Talk: Danny Lange, Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Ai/ML), Unity

      Moderator: Danny Grydholt-Jantzen, DTU

    • 13:00 - 01-12-2021 An example and role-model to many, Unity3D has taken the journey from a Copenhagen startup to a world-leading, huge company, forever growing, yet keeping its innovative mindset and expansion. Mr. Danny Lange is with us to give us insight in how synthetic data, ML, and AI has shown to lead to new domains for the company which was originally in gaming, but now covers larger areas.

      Based on Danny’s talk, we engage into a conversation on how to create unicorns, zebras, and generally more successful tech enterprises from Denmark. What do we have and possess that help differentiate us from other regions in the world, what are our natural positions of strength which we may use to create workplaces here (and elsewhere), and who should be involved as partners, supporters, and others in the ecosystem that is needed, not least with universities and academia close by?
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