• Dorit Dor

    Chief Product Officer, Check Point Technologies Ltd.

    Dr. Dorit Dor holds a Ph.D. and M.S degree in computer science from Tel-Aviv University, in addition to graduating cum laude for her Bachelor of Science degree. She has been published in several influential scientific journals for her research on graph decomposition, median selection and geometric pattern matching in d-dimensional space. In 2019, Forbes named Dr. Dor as one of Israel’s most powerful women and she’s is a member of the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity. In 1993, she won the Israel National Defense Prize.

    At Check Point Dr. Dor has served in several pivotal roles in the R&D organization and has been instrumental to the organization’s growth and managed many successful product releases for both the enterprise and consumer divisions of the company. Her core responsibilities include leading the company’s product management, research and development, and quality assurance (QA) initiatives from concept to delivery.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • 13:15 - 14:10 Keynote 2: Security, Safety and Stability – or not – Perspectives and Requirements
      The digital transformation has picked up tremendous speed during the global pandemic and we have seen an uptick in attacks on individuals, enterprises, organisations and even countries from state actors and organised criminal cyber networks. In most cases financial profit was the driver behind the attacks in others the motives were theft of intellectual property, subversion and undermining of societies.
      In this session, two of the world’s most knowing professionals will engage in conversation on some of the trends and perspectives on the global scene. We shall hear about recent cases from various critical sectors, and we shall discuss what to expect. IoT and Supply Chains are among the areas to look upon; other keywords are Financial, Regulation, and Privacy, taking us from the technological to a somewhat broader view on the cyber security and safety State of the Tech world.
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