• Natasha Friis Saxberg

    CEO, and Member of the Digitaliseringspartnerskabet, Danish ICT Industry Association

    Natasha Friis Saxberg is a digital strategist, entrepreneur and author. She has worked with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for more than two decades and Natasha holds several nominations as one of the most influential women in Tech in Europe and appointed one of the 100 most influential women in Denmark. Natasha has worked with corporate venture since 2015, developing new digital growth opportunities and discovered future profit pools, latest at Maersk Growth, as Head of Technology & Venture Development. Today Natasha works with venture, innovation and digital transformation through impact and growth at The Danish ICT Industry Association.

    Speaker for following sessions
    • CPH Conference Foyer
      30-11-2 - Organized by ITU
      Diversity is increasingly important for society and its businesses, and an absolute necessity in the IT sector. We want to avoid things like gender bias and make sure that our future digital infrastructure is appropriate for everyone. Furthermore, the IT sector is challenged from a resource perspective - a situation that can be mitigated by a more diverse workforce, where for instance women are currently significantly underrepresented. This session covers brand new research from the IT University of Copenhagen which demonstrates how IT education can be orchestrated to appeal much more to women than current study programmes, which has been predominantly designed to appeal to men. We will also hear about the state of affairs of diversity in the ICT sector from The Danish ICT Industry Association and not least how we need to engage more male leaders in the debate on diversity. And finally Fujitsu Denmark will reflect on successes, challenges, and the impact that a focus on diversity have on recruitment of talent and new employees.

      Introduction: Steffen Villadsen, Journalist, Teknologiens Mediehus
      Scientific Talk: “Increasing the diversity in IT education”, Claus Brabrand, Head of Center for Computing Education Research, ITU
      Business Talk:  “We need more diversity in the debate on diversity”, Natasha Friis Saxberg, Chief Executive Officer of The Danish ICT Industry Association
      Business Talk: “Diversity at Fujitsu Denmark”, Søren Rinnow Østergaard, CEO Fujitsu Danmark
      Coffee Break and Networking / 1:1 discussions

      Session coordinator: Claus Brabrand / Peter Ibsen, ITU
      Facilitator: Steffen Villadsen, Journalist, Teknologiens Mediehus
      Increasing the diversity in IT
      09:00 - 30-11-2021 Welcome to the Summit! With great ambitions we set the stage with a round of brief opening statements from partners and co-organizers. We paint the big picture of a strong Digital Denmark, building upon our natural strengths, an active member and part of the European Union, active on global markets. You aint’ seein’ nuttin’ yet.
    • 13:00 - 01-12-2021 An example and role-model to many, Unity3D has taken the journey from a Copenhagen startup to a world-leading, huge company, forever growing, yet keeping its innovative mindset and expansion. Mr. Danny Lange is with us to give us insight in how synthetic data, ML, and AI has shown to lead to new domains for the company which was originally in gaming, but now covers larger areas.

      Based on Danny’s talk, we engage into a conversation on how to create unicorns, zebras, and generally more successful tech enterprises from Denmark. What do we have and possess that help differentiate us from other regions in the world, what are our natural positions of strength which we may use to create workplaces here (and elsewhere), and who should be involved as partners, supporters, and others in the ecosystem that is needed, not least with universities and academia close by?
      15:45 - 01-12-2021 Quantum Computing has been claimed to eventually change everything – the way we crunch numbers, how we secure our data, and everything in-between. Quantum computers, let alone quantum bits, however, are not quite here yet. We get an in-depth understanding from Mr. Charles M Marcus who heads the Microsoft Quantum Lab, and we get to know why this research is so important to us all.
      01-12-2 -
      Organized by KU
      This session will among other put focus on Quantum Computing Technology, getting beyond the hype of quantum computing and the steps towards a universal quantum computer.
      Introduction: “Getting beyond the hype of quantum computing”, Natasha Friis Saxberg, CEO, Danish ICT Association (ITB)
      Scientific Talk: "Quantum computing evolution – a roadmap", Daniel Stilck Franca, QMATH, University of Copenhagen
      Scientific Talk: “Algorithm and software development – where can we achieve speed-up?”, Morten Kjærgaard, Assistant professor, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
      Business Talk: “When do we expect to see the first ’quantum advantage’, and where?”, Wictor Mazin, IBM Denmark
      Business Talk: Mark Jones, CEO and Co-founder,  Molecular Quantum Solutions 
      Discussion among the presenters and questions (15 min)
      Session coordinator: Peter Viereck, Viercon and Jan W. Thomsen, Niels Bohr Institute
      Facilitator: Natasha Friis Saxberg, CEO, ITB
      Quantum computing evolution – an attempt to describe a realistic roadmap
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